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Camaro Doors Up
Auto Body Paint Suit Sata

Stand Out!!

You spend lots of time in your vehicle, so we get it.  It has to look good... It has to look different and, bottom line, it has to look better than the rest of it's brother and sister vehicles.  It's an expression of yourself.  Who wants a boring car or truck?  Whether you need to add a feature for safety or upgrade to a more sporty/flashy body kit, we go you covered: 



  • Wide Body Kits

  • Vertical Lambo Doors

  • Tonneau Covers

  • Louvers

  • Jeep Wrangler Kits

  • Custom Rims

  • Painted Engine Covers

  • Fender Flares

  • Reupholster   Headliner

  • Spoilers

  • Bumper Conversions

  • Wheels and tires -Custom Rims

  • Rear Diffusor

  • Running Boards

  • Grille Conversions

  • Fog Lamps

  • Headlight Assemblies

  • Taillamp Assemblies

Part Paint Matching

Bought a body kit or spoiler online and want it painted and installed professionally?  We got you!  Give us a call.  Our skilled technicians will make sure it's aligned and painted to perfection.  

Upgrade your car, truck or SUV

Want to make some changes to your existing car or truck, we're your shop.  We're experts at painting and/or installing Body Kits, Wide body kits, fender flares, lambo/vertical doors, engine covers, tonneau covers, louvers, spoilers, carbon fiber Hoods, hood scoops, rear diffusers, headlights and taillights.  Don't have fog lamps, no problem!  We can custom add fog lamps in your bumper and make it look just like factory.  Want to go all out on your Wrangler?  We got you covered.  

Have Vehicle Paint Damage? Call Collision Experts Inc Today

Whether you're a motorcycle enthusiast, a classic car aficionado or the proud proprietor of a trusted family car/van/SUV, it is vital that your vehicle continues to function properly. When dealing with something as important as your vehicle, it’s important to have an auto repair company you can trust to deal with any related issues as they may arise. Our auto paint repair specialists can fix any and all paint imperfections with our quality car paint and detailing services. Call our experts, today. 

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