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Common Reasons of Auto Paint Damage

Auto paint damage can occur for many reasons. Some are obvious, others less so. Five of the most common causes that should be avoided to ensure the upkeep of your car’s appearance include: 

  • Temperature Fluctuations:
    Changes in temperature are unfortunately not the best for paint longevity. As the paint on your vehicle expands and contracts as the temperature changes which will result in cracks and chips that, over time, allow water to enter causing rust and more serious damage to your car.

  • The Presence of Concrete:
    It is crucial that you do not park your vehicle close to a construction site as wet concrete can become lodged and set on its exterior. If this occurs it will leave a permanent mark when removed. Our expert technicians have experience repairing this at our shop.

  • Bird Droppings:
    Is your car regularly parked near trees? If so, you need to be vigilant for bird droppings as the acidity contained within can erode the paintwork on your vehicle.

  • Soap and Other Abrasive Cleaning Products:
    Generic cleaning products such as soap or washing detergent can cause significant damage to the visual appearance of your car or motorbike. When washing your car use auto specific products only. We can help repair this damage with our automotive detailing services.

  • Stone Chippings:
    If you reside in a rural area, it is more likely that your vehicle will be exposed to road chippings during times of road repair. Be extra vigilant to drive slowly in these conditions and check your car for marks when safe to do so. Our auto paint repair services can fix this and make your car look like new. 

Vehicle Paint Matching

Few things look worse than having a patch on your vehicle that is close to the color of the rest of the vehicle but is noticeably not the same. Our paint technicians know how to match the exact color of your vehicle, even if the color has faded a bit over the years.

Quality Auto Paint Repair in Chicago

Are you a worried that the gloss from your motorcycle has reduced? Has the paint on your car chipped recently? Are you concerned that areas with rust might worsen as the weather changes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to call Collision Experts Inc today. Collision Experts Inc is a leading auto paint repair specialist that motorists have trusted for many years. Our team of professionally trained repair technicians are skilled in car and motorcycle paint jobs, vehicle rust repairs and all types of automotive detailing from buffing to wet sanding. So, if your vehicle needs a paint service or repair, call Collision Experts Inc today. Our auto paint repair specialists are here to fulfill all your car paint and detailing needs in Chicago. 

Have Vehicle Paint Damage? Call Collision Experts Inc Today

Whether you own a motorcycle enthusiast, a classic car aficionado or the proud proprietor of a trusted family wagon, it is vital that your vehicle continues to function properly. When dealing with something as important as your vehicle, it’s important to have an auto repair company you can trust to deal with any related issues as they may arise. Our auto paint repair specialists can fix any and all paint imperfections with our quality car paint and detailing services. Call our experts, today.