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Most people would agree that a car accident is one of the most stressful events that any person can experience. Regardless whether it's a minor or a more serious crash, it's likely that it's an incident you'll not forget anytime soon. That's where we come in.  At Collision Experts, we pride ourselves on providing an efficient and reliable collision repair service that motorists can trust. Our business is founded on a combination of skilled auto repair work, customer convenience and providing a fully comprehensive, around the clock service. We follow all OEM standards and procedures to insure your car, truck or SUV is road safe and reliable.  Not to mention, gaps are aligned, matches the OEM or Custom paint, etc...  We also help with rental setup.  We'll call and arrange your rental with Enterprise or Hertz.  Call today, you won't regret it!

What is Collision Repair?

A collision repair is often defined as the work that is required to the body, glass or paint work of a vehicle to restore it to its full working condition following any type of accident. This is a highly specialized area of the auto repair industry and is different to standard repair services. As a result, it needs the highly skilled professionals that we have. 

Collision Experts Inc is a certified repair center. This means that when you contact us you can rest assured that our work will meet the highest quality standards, and we have the expertise to perform all your collision repairs. 

At Collision Experts Inc our collision repair services focuses on 5 main areas:

Auto Body Repair Work:

Our garage is equipped with the most advanced tools and machinery to repair any dent or damage to the body of your car following a collision. Our skilled craftsmen will use their combined decades of experience to ensure that the dent is repaired as thoroughly and cost efficiently as possible.

Windshield and Auto Glass Repair Service:

Our professionally trained team at Collision Experts Inc has repaired all makes and models of windshields and once contacted, we will evaluate the damage and determine how best to repair your windshield. However, the sooner we can assess the damage, the better chance we have of repairing it.

Auto Paint Repair:

Following a collision, your paint work will most likely require some repair. At Collision Experts Inc our certified team can provide your vehicle with a perfect new coat of paint that will have it looking as good as new.

Auto Mechanic Repair:

Obviously, collisions do not just damage the exterior of a vehicle. Our mechanics know how to repair transmissions, engines, wheels and other car systems so that our customers can get back on the road.

Frame Repair:

The frame of your vehicle is the most important component of your vehicle.  It's comparable to the human body's skeletal system.  You may hear statements from people that state if the frame is damaged, the vehicle should be totaled.  That is sometimes, but definitely NOT always true.  A skilled Frame Tech can align, adjust and even replace your vehicles frame without any difficulties.  

Certified Collision Repair in Frankfort

Collision Repair Service You Can Trust


For some auto repair companies, a collision repair service is simply the act of fixing your damaged car but for us at Collision Experts Inc it is much more than that. We know how stressful a vehicle collision can be for you. Our high-quality certified collision repair services in Chicago restores our customers’ cars back to optimum performance. We take pride in returning a damaged vehicle to its former condition and treat every collision repair as an opportunity to improve the legacy of our business. So, if your vehicle needs collision repair, call the business you can trust – the business that goes above and beyond for you. 

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